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Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers in Orange County, CA are designed to help you get in and out of your garage. In the past, you might have used an opener that required you to stand and press a button, or perhaps had a remote control to operate it. These days, with the rise of smartphones and associated technology, you can even get smart garage door openers!


Choosing a Garage Door Opener

Garage doors come in many different shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose an opener that is strong enough. A light single door can be opened with a one-third horsepower motor, but double doors will need at least one-half horsepower – and heavier materials will need more.

Aside from that, there are three major kinds of drive system: belt, chain, and screw drive. Belt drives use a rubber belt system that has been reinforced. They tend to be the quietest type of opener but can be expensive.

Chain drives use a metal chain to move the door and are louder than belt systems. With proper maintenance they will stand the test of time, and can also be used manually if the power is out.

Screw drives use a threaded rod to move the garage door, in a similar way to a screw being driven into a piece of wood. They use less components than the other types if drive (and are therefore less prone to breakage) and are quitter than chain drives. They are not suitable for very heavy doors.

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you are looking to have a garage door opener installed in Orange County or the surrounding areas, our expert team of technicians can help you choose the right opener and install it for you with the minimum of fuss. We’re fully insured and offer a highly professional service.

Garage Door Opener Repair

While we offer a garage door opener maintenance service, there may come a time when your door opener breaks down. We offer a full diagnostic and repair service, bringing your opener back into service whenever possible.

If you have a broken garage door opener, or need a new garage door opener installing, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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